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Elements of a fishing tackle room

The Essentials of a Fishing Tackle Room

A fishing tackle room is a specialized space used for storing equipment used in fishing. Any sort of gear used for fishing can be characterized as fishing tackle. A fishing tackle room is designed to be pragmatic – all essential shelving around this kind of a room has to be designed according to the anthropometry and dimension of the gear that is supposed to be stored there.

A Modern Home Fitness Room Design

Fascinating Home Gym Design Ideas To Get You Rolling

Dumbbells and treadmills have become a common site in most houses. However, most home gyms are usually dull drab spaces situated in the corner of the basement. You need to pay special attention to the design of the gym because it is a part of your home’s interior.

Display your passion for music inside your home

Display your passion for music inside your home

Music lovers often find themselves collecting lots of memorabilia pieces, CDs or vinyl disks; if playing instruments is also part of the picture, chances are their home already shelters a few musical instruments as well. However, one’s passion for music should not lead to hidden storage, but to visually appealing displays that blend in with the home décor and tell a story.

Personalize your indoors with Christian wall quotes

Christian home decor

The process of decorating a house in the spirit of Christian belief can involve the use of various religious images and symbols throughout the available space, or the employment of sacred guiding principles in the design, like those of self-sufficiency and simplicity.

Decorating our homes with plants

Decorating our homes with plants

Natural plants bring unsurpassed charm inside a dwelling, thanks to their diverse leaf shapes, colors, textures and growing styles. Be it modern or more on the country style, your house will look more lively and sophisticated with some thoughtfully-placed flower pots that highlight certain indoor areas.

What it takes to pet-proof your home while keeping it pet-friendly too

What it takes to pet-proof your home while keeping it pet-friendly too

A dwelling that is stylish, inviting and pet-friendly… might sound like an impossible-to-achieve dream, but actually it is not impossible at all. The design options available to us in our modern world can make a residence look cool and ensure that all family members (yes, that includes our beloved companions) feel right at home.