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Splendid Christmas decorating ideas

Splendid Christmas decorating ideas

If you're looking to shake up your holiday décor, you may start with fresh Christmas decorations. Traditional Xmas decoration essentials include Christmas tree, lights, various tree balls, fancy ornaments, bells, candles, garlands, wreaths, reindeer, Santa, snowman, table and lawn decorations.

Elements of a fishing tackle room

The Essentials of a Fishing Tackle Room

A fishing tackle room is a specialized space used for storing equipment used in fishing. Any sort of gear used for fishing can be characterized as fishing tackle. A fishing tackle room is designed to be pragmatic – all essential shelving around this kind of a room has to be designed according to the anthropometry and dimension of the gear that is supposed to be stored there.

A Modern Home Fitness Room Design

Fascinating Home Gym Design Ideas To Get You Rolling

Dumbbells and treadmills have become a common site in most houses. However, most home gyms are usually dull drab spaces situated in the corner of the basement. You need to pay special attention to the design of the gym because it is a part of your home’s interior.

History of Venetian interiors

The elements of Venetian interior design

Venice is the city of romance, so it is only right that Venetian interiors be inspired by the beautiful charm and exotic glamor of its splendor. Venetian interiors are grand, scrupulous and offer a great wealth of detailing in a small span of space.

Single hotel room design

The basics of a good hotel room design

Designing interiors for hotel rooms can be challenging. There are many types of hotels, and each one likes to standardize the design of their rooms to fit a certain image. The luxury hotel genre, for example, strive to make their rooms opulent and majestic, while the novel boutique hotels try to imbue character and vernacular qualities into theirs.

Explore architectural diversity with different house styles

Explore architectural diversity with different house styles

From crisp Nordic abodes to picturesque farmhouses, many popular home styles are rooted in different eras and reflect humans’ creativity and cultural diversity. Finding out their key architectural features and interior design characteristics will enable you respect their individuality and decorate them accordingly.

Greek crown molding with dentil detail

Crown Molding: A Beautiful, Timeless Detail

Crown molding is a design feature dating back to Greek and Roman architecture. It is one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They are decorated plaster or wooden trim where walls meet ceilings. Crown molding draws the eye upward and unifies a space.   History   From the beauty of the Greek forms and the ornate Victorian moldings to the more simple and geometric modern style, the transformation has been impressive.

Designing teen-centered bedrooms

Designing teen-centered bedrooms

Designing a teenage bedroom should involve decorating ideas that gravitate around the actual needs and tastes of the youngster who will inhabit the space. The room has to be organized in a manner that will foster the teens’ creativity and learning process while reflecting their desires and interests.

Eclectic d?cor: blending antique and modern items

Eclectic decor: blending antique and modern items

Eclectic décor throws a wonderful chance at you to get all your collectibles out of the closet and make them cohabitate; it is also a great opportunity to inspire new life into treasured furniture pieces that have seen better days. Mixing modern and vintage items and furnishings means juxtaposing prized heirlooms against abstract artwork, or contemporary chairs next to mid-century tables.

Display your passion for music inside your home

Display your passion for music inside your home

Music lovers often find themselves collecting lots of memorabilia pieces, CDs or vinyl disks; if playing instruments is also part of the picture, chances are their home already shelters a few musical instruments as well. However, one’s passion for music should not lead to hidden storage, but to visually appealing displays that blend in with the home décor and tell a story.

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