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Awesome Kitchen Décor Ideas

When you decorate your kitchen and select an interior design theme, you should consider how your space works the best for you before you start kitchen planning. Also, think about what kitchen style, from contemporary to modern, minimalist, country, rustic, Venetian, or eclectic, you prefer.

Awesome Kitchen Decor Ideas

The Essentials of Kitchen Décor

Create a general layout of the kitchen before you decorate your apartment or house. After that, make a list of kitchen furniture, décor items, and other inspirational kitchen accessories that you need.

The Essentials of Kitchen Decor

A Functional Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is the floor plan that shows smart placements of the kitchen island, cabinets, countertops, table, fridge, sink, kitchen sets, cupboards, shelves, etc. When you start to create your kitchen layout, choose the right position for every decor element. It should be easy for you to move from the cooking to storage area for supplies, and from the refrigerator to the sink.

A Functional Kitchen Layout

Elegant Kitchen Islands

If you have any doubts about installing a kitchen island, calculate the optimal width of walkways between the potential island and cabinet. You should have enough space to place a kitchen island, providing you the ability to move without difficulties between cooking, washing and storage areas. Depending on your kitchen size, you can install the perfect kitchen island for you in any shape, such as oval, square, or rectangular.

Elegant Kitchen Islands

You may choose neutral colors with bold accents. Combine white with black, brown or grey hues. This can make space look more open and lighter.

Bear in mind the functional side of your kitchen island. You may use it as a bar table, to eat and drink there. Add enough bar stools for your family. If you use a few plants and/or flowers, you’ll create a cozy ambience.

Elegant Kitchen Islands

You could install the hob and/or a prep sink on a kitchen island and have one more countertop for cooking.

Elegant Kitchen Islands

If you want to add an unexpected kitchen design element, you could create a bookshelf on your kitchen island.

Elegant Kitchen Islands

Choosing a Perfect Kitchen Cabinet

Considering kitchen cabinets, pay attention to the size, quality, material, and color combinations. If you have enough space, choose a large one. This means that you’ll have a place to put kitchen items which you already possess and new items in the future.

You could choose quartz, laminate, marble or another material for a solid countertop. Consider hanging décor sets, cutting boards, cookware, towel racks, plants, and other kitchen accessories to save space.

Choosing a Perfect Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Décor Set Themes

Use functional and creative kitchen décor sets. Add your personal signature to your home décor with storage containers, food toys, stainless steel knifes, spoons, forks, kitchen towels, and other décor set accessories.

Kitchen Decor Set Themes

Container Material Choices

Considering food storage containers for cereals and spices, it’s better to use stainless steel or glass. Plastic sets aren’t made from natural materials. That`s why it’s better to refuse them.

Kitchen Decor Set Themes

Rooster Kitchen Décor

Add a rustic country touch to your home with rooster kitchen décor. Make your interior “cocky” with rooster colorful pottery, clay pitchers, fabrics, stencils, dishtowels, and wall art.

Kitchen Decor Set Themes

Apple Kitchen Décor

When you choose a cookware set, consider an apple ornament, to emphasize health and well-being.

Kitchen Decor Set Themes

Add a fruity note to dishwasher duty with a playful dish rack.

Kitchen Decor Set Themes

Cozy Décor for Your Small Kitchen

If you have less space for decorating, you should use a winning mix of functionality and simplicity. It’s better to make the main focal point items such as plants, flowers or wall art which emphasizes the clear beauty of your kitchen.

When selecting colors for your kitchen cabinet, table, stools, lighting, and flooring, pay attention to neutral colors and the classic mix of white and black. Also, you could add brown hues for a modern natural look.

Cozy Decor for Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Say no to boring, naked walls and give a fresh breath to your kitchen with stunning wall décor.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Christian Wall Art

If you want to emphases your thanksgiving and faith, add Christian wall art to your kitchen.

Christian Wall Art

“Eat” Wall Decor

Your kitchen is a place where you cook and eat, so highlight this topic in your interior. Hang on the wall a wood, iron, stainless steel or metal «EAT» art item with decorative spoons and forks.

“Eat” Wall Decor

If you really like to eat, you may create a “confession of a food addict” as kitchen wall art. But restrain your ardor to avoid interior design mistakes.

“Eat” Wall Decor

Coffee Wall Art

If you like coffee a lot, there’s no greater time to show your passion. A few pieces of the picture create a photo of a big and delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee Wall Art

Colorful Kitchen Décor

First of all, you should select a basic eye-catching color for a large space, including a kitchen island, cabinet, furniture, shelves, sets, etc.

Сhoose colors that you like. Bear in mind the best color combinations of neutral hues with bold accents. Contrast red, blue, yellow, turquoise, or brown against black or mix black with white for an expressive and dramatic appearance.

Colorful Kitchen Decor

White Kitchen Décor

If you choose a white kitchen, this can create a relaxing, pure simplicity, whether you’re cooking, eating, or just drinking a cup of coffee.

White Kitchen Decor

Black Kitchen Décor

Selecting a strong black for your kitchen design can show your personal stability and strength.

Black Kitchen Decor

Black and White Kitchen Décor

Add a stylish touch when you combine classic black and white colors. Bear in mind that wood flooring makes an awesome accent to a classic black-and-white kitchen.

Black and White Kitchen Decor

Red Kitchen Décor

Selecting a kitchen cabinet with bold red for bright feelings and chic style, you show your passion for life and home décor. You could add a few upbeat lifestyle items such as a picture, poster, flowers, or plants.

Red Kitchen Decor

Red and White Kitchen Décor

If you like stunning kitchens, you should spring for a combination of bold red with pure white. That’s one way to create a light space with a cozy ambience.

Red and White Kitchen Decor

Black and Red Kitchen Décor

If you want to create a unique and visually striking kitchen, choose a bright combination of red and black.

Black and Red Kitchen Decor

Which is better, the mixing of red and white or red and black? What do you think?

Turquoise Kitchen Décor

It could be time to spruce up your kitchen with turquoise. This design color solution for your kitchen island, cabinet, and décor sets shows your bright personality. Are you ready for this enthusiastic design experiment?

Turquoise Kitchen Decor

Blue Kitchen Décor

Inspired by the clear sky and deep ocean, choose a high-gloss blue cabinet. This can create an atmosphere of serenity in your kitchen.

Blue Kitchen Decor